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It came down to the likeable, affable, moustached Torrance, from the west of Scotland, to finally take the trophy from the Americans. His putt on the 18th green at the Belfry in 1985, wrestled away Ryder Cup trophy and into the hands of the Europeans for the first time in 28 years.

Some might say, this putt defined the Ryder Cup as we now know it. The jubilation, the euphoria, the adulation, the celebration, the wins, the losses and the camaraderie are personified by Sam Torrance, hands and putter aloft. Torrance’s love affair with the Ryder Cup continued. Having played in eight matches, he went on to captain a winning team, once again at the Belfry, in 2002.
A supportive and passionate ambassador for golf in Scotland, Torrance has won globally. His life has been golf and from starting on tour in 1970, he was Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year in 1972, to commentating so charismatically and charmingly on our airwaves. Although no longer on tour, in spirit, he is still very much playing the game. Even in his 50s, he was a a winner, reaching the top of the European Senior Tour Order of Merit three times.
Torrance has always spoken so eloquently and intelligently about golf and what we can learn from this great game. A true golf personality, Torrance has a story tell and there is no better person to recount their tour tales than Sam. His soothing Scottish brogue took him to the commentator’s booth and also to the BBC’s ‘A Question of Sport’, where he mulled over World Cup winners and Ryder Cup players, laughing alongside the sporting world’s best.

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Ryder Cup Captain 2002
Ryder Cups 8
European Tour Wins 21
Highest World Ranking 13

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