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The Frenchman is in good company and has been warmly welcomed to the Tour by his compatriots. Now he’s excited to see what this new challenge brings: “Yeah, I’m a rookie – a rookie again. That’s great, it feels great, but I don’t feel like a rookie when I hit the ball!
“A lot of years on Tour and actually, I haven’t played since my last event, last year in Paris. It’s good to be back!
“It’s good to practice a bit more because I’ve been coaching since my last event and when you coach you don’t play that much.
“Let’s enjoy it and bring some fun, especially whenever I know we can make a few birdies around here. Let’s also hope I’m going to bring my game back and I’m playing with friends – it’s going to be fun.”

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Watch below to see how Raphaël was welcomed to the Legends Tour by the French contingent of Jean-Francois Remesy, Thomas Levet. Lionel Alexandre, Christian Cévaër and Marc Farry.


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