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You must have missed playing golf the past year, how good is it to be back playing this week?

I played some in the afternoon and played some in the morning and the course is in fantastic condition. I played 13 this afternoon and it was hard; it was running, it was fast and it was hard on the feet. The guys have been off for such a long time and all of a sudden you are walking five rounds so it’s going to take a toll on you, and it has on me already. Even though I have been playing all the time at La Moye in Jersey which is very similar, but the ground must be a little bit softer, but I’ve not been too bad so for me it’s definitely going to be a test for my fitness around here.

You are hosting the event this week, why did you choose to host this particular event in Trevose?

I’m a friend of Eric Herd and I’ve been friends with him for a while now. He helps me with some of my charity stuff that I’ve got going on and he asked me to be host and I thought to myself why not be host. I’m looking forward to it. There isn’t too much to do, I put my name to it to make it more attractive and say a few words and hope people come along to it.

What goes into being a host?

There’s a few interviews to do and a bit of media stuff to do, other than that I make sure to come to the dinner and say a few words and just be there and use my record of what I’ve done in golf and just really put my name to it.

What are the challenges of playing at the links course here at Trevose?

They have left it with a few longer tees this year and they have altered a few greens as well. The greens are very firm and it’s going to be all about being able to control your ball this week. It is certainly going to be a test for everyone and if the wind gets up its going to be even harder. It’s not too bad at the moment so it’s very playable.

Are you confident going into this tournament?

I am just here to enjoy myself. It’s nice to be back and play some golf with some friends, whatever happens it doesn’t matter too much I am just looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and playing some golf here again.

How is the back injury holding up, do you feel fit going into this week?

I had a back operation as of 15 months ago and it’s been great but I have this ankle problem which I am never going to get rid of, especially when you play on such firm ground. I actually did quite a bit of chipping and putting this morning and that has aggravated it a little bit so I’ve got to stay away from that where I can. Some of the things you want to really practice I can’t do and that’s where you’ve got to sharpen up your game.

What would be the aims for the rest of the season for you?

This next couple of years is just playing golf and enjoying it and whatever comes, comes and for me its all about being out here and enjoying it with my friends. Its not all about the money or anything it’s all about having a good quality of life.

I don’t know if you have been following the EUROS, but we have England vs Scotland on Friday and we have Wales doing well in the tournament as well. Do you follow Wales or England at all?

I could be Welsh or I could be English, I don’t think I’ve got any Scottish in me. I can have a little bit of everything. I was born in England but I represent Wales so I am routing for both in a way so we’ll have to wait and see. I have Peter Baker who is one of my good friends and Thomas Scott, my caddy, who is Scottish so it’s going to fun watching them going at it.

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